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As some of you may know – I decided to have my lashes done last Friday for the SoSueMe.ie party. When I say ‘done’.. what I mean is, I was having lash extensions applied, not the semi permanent type though – just the occasional ones for the weekend.

I searched all over Dublin for a place that offers this service, but a good salon which specialised in eye treatments. I have heard some dodgy stories in the past of girls having lash extensions applied in just any salon, where in the end – they are sideways, uneven and prove poor lasting results.

Thanks to ‘Google’ I stumbled upon Elysian Brows, the website looked great, they focused mainly on the eye area ie: Threading, Lashes, Brow tints etc – just what I was after. I called the salon straight away and had a chat with the owner Libby – who was so friendly and helpful. Libby explained the type of lashes they apply and when I would need them done by.  I was booked in for Friday at 5.30pm and I was so excited to have the treatment done.

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I mentioned last week that I’d taken a trip into Elysian Brows on Dawson street. Opened just before Christmas, it’s dedicated to brows and eyes – though you can have facials, nails and makeup – and I went in for a bit of threading last week.

Resisting the temptation to not pluck for a week or so beforehand so that there’d be something to work with was bloody torture, and I was gently chided for my overplucking habit. I hoke, I pick, I piece flesh and cause scabs, all in my attempts to get out the tiniest of hairs.  That’s caused a patch of rough skin below one brow and I have to stop: I’m like a plucking addict who’s been sent to AA (BA?) – I’m trying to kick, but God, it’s hard.

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When I was in New York last year visiting the sister (who, incidentally, I don’t visit half enough), we went to City Sun to get spray tans – because we’re classy like that. I was, as an aside, genuinely shocked by the number of people coming in to use their sun beds. This place is huge, and there was one – count it, one – spray tanning booth, for which the three of us (myself, B and JP) queued, one after another. The huge floorspace was otherwise occupied by stand-up, sit-down, lie-down (turn around?) sunbeds, all of which seemed to be in use. The mind boggles.

BUT anyway. As we were en route to City Sun, we got sidetracked by an eyebrow threading store right next door, where a veritable bevy of Indian women were standing around, threads in hand (imperfectwomen.com –really?!), ready to “perfect” the next willing victim to walk through the door. Did we go in? Yes we did. And I have to say, it was the least painful beautifying experience I’ve ever had – and yes, I’m including spray tans, because that shiz is cold!

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There wouldn’t be a salad served up in an Irish Mammy’s house complete without a clatter of floury spuds on the side. “Spaghetti Bolognese …?” queries a Typical Irish Parental Unit in dubious tones at the multi-cultural splendour of it all, ” well I suppose I’d give it a try … but … sure where’re the potatoes?”

No matter that a carb’s a carb’s a carb, in this country we all know someone who won’t eat a friggingicepop without some form of tuber on the side.

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When the reality of the recession started to bite, I – like a lot of other women I know – started to experiment with DIY. Nothing to do with paintbrushes or power tools (heaven forfend!), but DIY of the beauty kind. I’ve attempted a range of home treatment alternatives to expensive salon visits, from home dye kits to facials to manicures, but a recent visit to Elysian Brows has persuaded me that there are some things that are best left to the professionals.

Located at 21 Dawson Street, just a few doors up from the Mansion House, Elysian Brows boasts a gorgeously feminine interior that feels seriously luxe, complete with chandeliers, sparkly tiles and pretty throw cushions. Owner Libby Ryan trained with Beverly Hills brow expert Anastasia Soare, who has shaped the brows of a host of Hollywood celebs from Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian and The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari – — and Elysian Brows is the sole Irish stockist of Anastasia’s brow care range.

I am a fair-haired lady and my brows leave a lot to be desired with regards to definition. I tend to fill them in every day with a powder or a gel (I’ll do a little post on that soon). I had been plucking for a while and had probably been a bit over zealous. What with the trend towards the fuller more natural look of late, I decided not to touch them for two months.. of torture…

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I am pretty sure I could count how many times anyone (including myself) has plucked or done anything to my eyebrows on my fingers and toes and still have some free. I haven’t the pain threshold for waxing ANYTHING and I cannot pluck my brows myself because I just can’t inflict that pain n myself. So I relied on my best friends Cecile and Anna (Hey Girls!) to do my brows every so often.

So when I won an eye brow threading session with Elysian Brows on Dawson Street I was happy but petrified.

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