dermalogica face

Dermalogica have been committed to improving skin health for over 25 years and are the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide.

By reclassifying skin care as a ‘health issue’ as opposed to a ‘cosmetic concern’, Dermalogica instantly made the beauty industry sit up and pay attention. Its no nonsense approach to skin care, without overblown hype, promises of miracle cures, or even fancy packaging, soon had the backing and endorsement of experts and professional skin therapists, and is now prescribed more than any other skin product available.

Why do you need a professional skin therapist?

Our skin is our body’s largest living organ, which defends and protects us every second of the day: eliminating toxins, healing from cuts, scratches and abrasions, and constantly renewing itself – yet amazingly, people spend more time and effort on their hair and nails – two things on your body that aren’t living!

Dermalogica intensively educate and train over 75,000 skin therapists (in 50 countries) every year, allowing them to prescribe Dermalogica products and deliver Dermalogica professional specialist skin treatments. Empowered with Dermalogica’s unique Face Mapping® skin analysis, our skin therapists will decode your skin (zone by zone), and arm you with authentic advice and the results-driven processes available.

Dermalogica products are never tested on animals, are free from artificial colours and fragrances, and they never use cheap fillers – instead, they confidently only use ingredients that they know will work – as demonstrated in the results found in their treatment rooms every day.

With Dermalogica, Elysian’s mission is to guide your skin to a whole new level of health fitness.