Half Set Classic Mink

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Half set of lash extensions applying individual lash to every second lash lasting 4- 5 weeks.
*24 hour patch test required

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Corner Lashes

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Individual lashes applied to the outer corners of the eyes lasting one week.
*24 hour patch test required

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Mink Lash Refills

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Lashes can be refilled in order to replace lashes which have shed over time in order to bring
lashes back to the full set. 2-3 weeks after initial lash application.

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Russian Volume Lashes

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2-3 lightweight individual lashes applied to each natural lash to achieve a fuller look lasting 4-6
*24 hour patch test required

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Elysian Lash Lift

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An advanced Swiss technique designed to lift, curl & tint your natural lashes, adding volume and
length. Incredible results which last 8-10 weeks.
*24 hour patch test required
*must not be pregnant or […]

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Lash Removal

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Removal of any lash extensions (complimentary if lashes applied at Elysian Brows and Beauty)

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