Beauty treatments can either be your absolute best friend or total worst enemy.

Anyone who’s had the misfortune of having a dodgy brow tint or terrible Hollywood wax will tell you that for nothing. However, Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply to good beauty therapists, and a stellar treatment can boost your confidence tenfold, catapult that pep back into your step and generally make everything in your life go a little smoother.

And what’s not to love about that?

However, I’m an impatient kind of girl, don’t like anything too fussy, and also enjoy being a little rough around the edges. And never thought I’d find anything that would fit all the criteria of the above.

Until now…

Meet, YUMI Lashes.

YUMI Lash is an advanced Swiss technique that is designed to lift, curl and tint your own natural lashes. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes in which you lie down, and just let the serums do the work. Perfect for a lil snooze while you’re getting your lashes done.

The treatment adds incredible length, height and volume to your own lashes, making it look like you have naturally big, beautiful black lashes, without looking over the top.


Want striking lashes without looking overdone? This is for you.


Want to look fresh and ready for work upon waking up? This is for you.

And, want to be able to go make-up free on holiday but also feel confident? This is for you.

I’ve written about this incredible treatment before, but I have to say, the only gals I’ll trust with my lashes is the stellar crew in Elysian Brows & Beauty on South William Street. They know this stuff like the back of their hand, and you couldn’t feel more comfortable under the watchful eye of these beauty wizards.

I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on my lashes since trying this out. My friends and family are now hooked, and I’ve even gotten some of my lash-extension obsessed friends to ditch the falsies and go natural. It’s the bomb, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Elysian Brows charges €80 for the session, which includes a €20 lash conditioner and lasts for up to EIGHT WEEKS.

Yes, really. 

As in, straight after my treatment, I went backpacking around India for a month, was the grubbiest I’ve ever been, and they were still pitch perfect for a whole month afterwards. Serious bang for your buck.

Want more information?

Get in touch with the super crew at Elysian Brows & Beauty, they won’t steer you wrong. However, I do must warn you, upon trying it you’ll be absolutely hooked. Once you go YUMI, you never go back.

Have you gotten it done? Let us know in the comments…