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Cryopen Cryotherapy2020-12-21T14:21:32+00:00

Cryopen is an advanced cryotherapy treatment with skin freezing innovation. It’s a fast, effective, and safe solution for the removal of skin imperfections. Sessions are customized and based on assessment. Skin consultation available.

Course of 6 CooLifting2020-12-21T14:23:07+00:00

Receive a special price when you purchase a course of 6 treatments in advance. Ask in-salon for more information and for skin consultation.

CooLifting Add On To Any Facial2020-12-21T14:22:59+00:00

Receive a special price when you add a CoolLifting Treatment to any facial.

CooLifting Treatment2020-12-21T14:23:20+00:00

The CoolLifting treatment generates an instant ‘lifting’ effect. It smooths the skin and eliminates superficial wrinkles and lines using a strong CO2 flow at freezing temperatures. Skin consultation available.

Facials & Peels Courses2020-12-21T14:09:06+00:00

Save when you buy facials and peels courses in advance. Save €150 when you purchase a course of 6 Reform Peels. Save €200 when you purchase a course of 6 Obagi Peels. *Buy a course of peels and receive 1 CoolLifting Treatment. *Limited Offer

Reform Modified Jessners Add On To Peel2020-12-21T14:04:44+00:00

Add on to the Reform Skincare Peel. Recommended after 6 peels. Skincare consultation available.

Reform Skincare Peel2020-12-21T14:01:55+00:00
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel2020-12-21T14:00:47+00:00

The Blue Radiance Peel is a quick and non-invasive treatment consisting of salicylic acid that helps improve overall complexion. The peel is designed to improve a variety of skin conditions, including acne scars, melasma, sun damage, wrinkles, visible lines and uneven skin tone.

Eye Only Make Up With Lashes2020-12-21T13:57:37+00:00
Lycon Full Back Wax2020-12-21T13:55:00+00:00
Lycon Chest Wax2020-12-21T13:54:13+00:00
Men’s Pedicure2020-12-21T13:53:34+00:00
Men’s Manicure2020-12-21T13:52:44+00:00
Underarm, Extended Bikini & Half Leg2020-12-21T13:47:36+00:00
Half Leg & Bikini2020-12-21T13:46:36+00:00
Full Leg & Bikini2020-12-21T13:45:51+00:00
Full Arm Waxing2020-12-21T13:45:13+00:00
Underarms Waxing2020-12-21T13:44:31+00:00
Half Leg2020-12-21T13:43:52+00:00
Nipples Waxing2020-12-21T13:42:27+00:00
Full Leg Waxing2020-12-21T13:43:38+00:00
Brazilian OR Hollywood Maintenance (strictly every 5 weeks)2020-12-21T13:40:43+00:00
Basic Bikini2020-12-21T13:37:29+00:00
Hybrid Lashes2020-12-21T13:35:40+00:00
Russian Refills2020-12-21T13:35:33+00:00
Full Set Classic Mink2020-12-21T13:35:24+00:00
Brow Glaze Design2020-12-21T13:22:48+00:00
Henna Brow Tint & Tidy2020-12-21T13:21:41+00:00
Henna Brow Tint Only2020-12-21T13:20:42+00:00
Men’s Brow Tidy2020-12-21T13:19:31+00:00
Fusion Brows2020-12-14T17:58:13+00:00

Fusion brows is a combination of microblading and micropigmentation.


Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment for brows that is achieved by using a digital machine. Colour is implanted deeper into the skin for a longer-lasting finish. Hair strokes, powder or a combination of the 2. Lasts 3 – 5 years.

Shellac Toes Added To Pedicure2020-12-14T17:30:26+00:00

Fresh set of Shellac for your toes when added to any pedicure.

Callus Removal Pedicure2020-12-14T17:29:03+00:00

Full pedicure with Callus removal

Elysian Luxury Pedicure2020-12-14T17:27:52+00:00

Bespoke luxury pedicure created by Elysian.

Elysian Pedicure2020-12-14T17:26:55+00:00

Bespoke pedicure created by Elysian

Express Pedicure2020-12-14T17:26:06+00:00

Bespoke express pedicure created by Elysian

Shellac Removal & Application2020-12-14T17:24:58+00:00

Full removal of your Shellac and full application of a fresh set of Shellac.

Shellac Removal2020-12-14T17:23:25+00:00

Full removal of your previous Shellac application.

Add-On Shellac2020-12-14T17:22:29+00:00

Add Shellac to your manicure.

Brow Tidy & Shape – Free Consultation2020-12-14T16:11:47+00:00

Brow Shape and Consultation (First Time Booking)
Consultation with your therapist to discuss your desired look and a bespoke shaping achieved
by threading and tweezing.

Brow Tint & Tidy2020-12-21T13:56:08+00:00

Bespoke Shaping and precision tinting to achieve a sculpted Elysian brow.
*24 Hour patch test required.

Precision Brow Tint – Complementary Top-up Within 1 Week2020-12-14T16:13:39+00:00

Precision Tinting using different tones to achieve a precise look and to suit a variety of colours.
*24 Hour patch test required.

Brow, Full Lip and Chin Threading2020-12-21T13:27:38+00:00

Threading Combo including shape on brows and hair removal on lip and chin.

Corner Lip Threading2020-12-21T13:49:21+00:00

Threading of hairs at each corner of the lip.

Full Lip OR Chin Threading2020-12-21T13:24:12+00:00

Threading of chin hairs.

Full Face Threading2020-12-21T13:27:55+00:00

Threading of the whole face including brows, lip, chin and sides of face.

Sides of Face Threading2020-12-14T16:19:22+00:00

Threading of the sides of face.

Neck Threading2020-12-21T13:25:21+00:00

Threading of the neck.

Lash Tint2020-12-14T16:21:28+00:00

Tinting of top and bottom lashes.
*24 Hour patch test required.

All 3 – Brow Shape, Brow & Lash Tint2020-12-14T16:23:27+00:00

Combination of brow shaping, tinting and lash tinting.
*24 Hour patch test required.

Full Lip & Chin Threading2020-12-14T16:24:00+00:00

Threading of the Lip and Chin.

Full Lip, Chin & Sides Of Face Threading2020-12-14T16:24:28+00:00

Threading of the lip chin and sides of face.

Middle Brow Threading OR Waxing2020-12-21T13:52:13+00:00

Threading of hair between the brows.

Half Set Classic Mink2020-12-14T16:29:38+00:00

Half set of lash extensions applying individual lash to every second lash lasting 4- 5 weeks.
*24 hour patch test required

Corner Lashes2020-12-14T16:28:58+00:00

Individual lashes applied to the outer corners of the eyes lasting one week.
*24 hour patch test required

Mink Lash Refills2020-12-14T16:29:57+00:00

Lashes can be refilled in order to replace lashes which have shed over time in order to bring
lashes back to the full set. 2-3 weeks after initial lash application.

Russian Volume Lashes2020-12-14T16:30:09+00:00

2-3 lightweight individual lashes applied to each natural lash to achieve a fuller look lasting 4-6
*24 hour patch test required

Elysian Lash Lift2020-12-14T16:31:32+00:00

An advanced Swiss technique designed to lift, curl & tint your natural lashes, adding volume and
length. Incredible results which last 8-10 weeks.
*24 hour patch test required
*must not be pregnant or breastfeeding

*Nourish Mascara is highly recommended after the treatment and is sold separately for €15

Lash Removal2020-12-14T16:31:40+00:00

Removal of any lash extensions (complimentary if lashes applied at Elysian Brows and Beauty)

Shellac Toes2020-12-14T16:35:59+00:00

Gel polish applied to toes lasting up to 3 weeks.

File & Polish2020-12-14T16:36:55+00:00

French File and polish on the toes

Elysian Express Manicure2020-12-14T17:19:46+00:00

Bespoke express manicure designed by Elysian, includes file and polish.

File and Polish2020-12-13T13:46:45+00:00

File and polish on the hands

Elysian Manicure2020-12-14T16:59:29+00:00

Nail File, Cuticle work, aloe vera scrub, Hydrating massage, Vitamin E Masque finished with
Parrafin Wax and Polish.

Margaret Dabbs Manicure2020-12-14T16:59:38+00:00

Margaret Dabbs signature manicure promises noticeable results in just one treatment. Using the
power of organic Emu Oil, this nourishing manicure will instantly return lasting hydration to the
skin and nails. The treatment is performed dry, until a creamy exfoliant is applied. Enjoy the
aromas of geranium and mandarin while a cooling serum sinks into the skin. A hand and arm
massage completes the experience, finishing with a protection spray leaving a soothing barrier
on the hands long after you leave.

Shellac Hands2020-12-14T17:00:11+00:00

Shellac colour applied lasting 2-3 weeks


Micro blading is a semi-permanent makeup technique using hair like strokes to create a beautifully designed brow with results lasting 18-24 months.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner2020-12-14T17:54:16+00:00

Achieve smudge proof precision eyeliner. Enhance your eyes with the look that is right for you.

Eyeliner or eyelash enhancement defines the eyes and enhances the eyes’ natural colour and shape. The effect makes a real difference if you’ve got sparse or no eyelashes, if you have difficulty applying eyeliner; or if you just feel you’ve lost the intensity of your eyes because of the ageing process. It’s also ideal if you suffer from allergies to pollen or conventional eye make-up and if you struggle with contact lens sensitivities.

You can choose an eyeliner that is placed just at the lash line to make the lashes look fuller or, choose a bolder line, depending on your taste. Lasts 1 – 3 years.

Make Up Application2020-12-14T17:12:18+00:00

using bespoke in house brands
Add – Luxury Elysian Lashes €45

Make Up Application with Lashes2020-12-14T17:12:35+00:00
Tailored Make Up Lesson2020-12-14T17:12:43+00:00

Tailored Make Up Lesson including lashes

Full Body Spray Tan2020-12-14T17:12:52+00:00

Our spray Tanning suite provides a variety of the world’s finest tanning solutions to suit every
skin type.
Full Body Spray Tan using Bellamianta Tan

Half Body Spray Tan2020-12-14T17:13:00+00:00

Using Bellamianta Tan

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